Carl Ranger

“I was recommended to Ruth Taylor by a trusted friend after struggling with Ulcerative Colitis for a number of years. I was being prescribed stronger and stronger medication with some quite debilitating side effects. Even with these, my condition would flare up every three/four months or so. I was feeling quite desperate by the time I met Ruth, also a little sceptical as to whether she could help. It was without a doubt the best thing that could’ve happened regarding my health. Ruth ordered up some tests, and once the results were through, proceeded to prescribe supplements to directly improve/heal my condition. I was also given advice on foods that would also help, without being too punitive. This was in direct contradiction to the advice from my Consultants that they don’t recognise the role of food in my illness! Well twenty-two months on and my digestive health is great! Ruth literally gave me my life back. After eighteen months I had a very slight flare up after an unprecedented amount of stress, without panicking, Ruth altered some of my supplementation and within a week all was under control again. Ruth never made outlandish claims about ‘curing’ my Colitis only that she felt she could help. That was quite an understatement. I felt straight away that Ruth was a person I could trust and nothing since has led me to think otherwise which is essential when dealing with something as important as your health. Her vast knowledge of nutrition and life experience (former Nursing Sister) has led me to regard Ruth as more than just a nutritional therapist but also a Confidante on many matters and a friend. I can’t recommend Ruth highly enough.”


“For some years, until mid-2016 I had been suffering from repeated and unpleasant gut problems including hospitalisations (3) and frequently had to use antibiotics for acute diverticulitis. In November of that year, I also suffered a small bowel obstruction due to adhesions and this created an additional and new range of gut problems.

I chose to go to Ruth Taylor because she practiced in Winchester at the Natural Practice, which offer an integrated holistic approach to healthcare and also because she had been a nurse (like myself) and would therefore be grounded in conventional medicine.

Over the last two years, it is true to say that she has transformed my life. Her sensible and realistic guidance in the early days to achieve healing of the gut with an emphasis on an anti-inflammatory diet has enabled my gut to settle down and it is now trouble free. I still follow her guidelines on diet and her advice in dealing with stress, particularly when I am travelling. All her recommendations have proved valid and valuable.

I also much appreciated her advice in other areas. Having only one kidney and being prone to UTI’s, I needed a holistic approach, not just relying on antibiotics and she has provided this. My GP commented recently on a routine visit that he hardly ever sees me these days – and I attribute this to Ruth!

Ruth is approachable, professional and I will continue to visit her for check-ups even when I am symptom-free. She always gives useful summaries by email after a visit and I can contact her any time I have a problem. I feel fortunate to have come under her care, and would certainly recommend her to others. So many of our health problems stem from poor nutrition and gut problems that it makes sense to have a professional nutritionist, such as Ruth Taylor.”

Terry Bishop, Chief Executive, Unity

We have been working with Ruth Taylor for almost two years on a contract to provide competency training to practitioners delivering Free Health Checks to individuals identified as at a high risk of serious health issues. We found Ruth through her Ruth Taylor Nutrition website as a local, highly qualified clinician who had the skills we needed to provide this training and was locally based.

During the time we have worked with Ruth, we have been bowled over with her knowledge and with the calm and kind way she deals with the people who receive this training. Before Unity even won the contract, Ruth went over and above to provide information to help with the procurement exercise.

Ruth participates in review meetings and her health experience has had a major impact not only improving the training provided by the agencies including surgeries and pharmacies but also her feedback is helping to shape future contracts.

Ruth is lovely and we consider ourselves very lucky to be working with her.

Ros Foreman

“My reason for seeking help/advice was due to constipation, gut irritation, intense sugar cravings, difficulty sleeping, etc

Ruth examined the questionnaire I had answered – and when we met asked me various questions and talked to me generally about how I felt, did I have enough energy, what my work levels/stress levels were like, what I did for relaxation.

I felt that Ruth quickly appreciated my issues and after discussion picked on a particular symptom to try and resolve that and then tackled each other issue in turn.

Ruth is very aware of costs but equally wants to ensure the correct tests /supplements are given so as to enable a change.

Ruth is very sensitive and listens. She has an excellent knowledge base and is able to draw on her years of experience. Ruth is very practical and understands the daily limitations of life and wants to make any change as subtle and helpful as possible. Overall Ruth has worked miracles with me. I value her advice and suggestions and small changes or tweaks make a huge difference to everyday life and comfort.

I have already and will continue to recommend Ruth to anyone who experiences health issues and difficulties.”

Maureen Fryer

“I had a stomach problem that over many years had become increasingly severe. I had been, privately, to consultants and had undergone many tests. I was told the cause was unknown and I would need to ‘manage’ my symptoms. This was actually impossible. I decided to consult Ruth. After a detailed, lengthy discussion, she suggested a particular test. The result of which, indicated the source of my illness and I was able to get treatment. Ruth also suggested additional ways to aid my recovery. Before I saw Ruth I had no hope of finding a solution to a very debilitating condition. She gave me hope. She told me there would be a solution, we just had to find it. And she did!”