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During your consultation, I want to hear ‘your story’, so I will ask you a lot of questions so that I can really build a clear picture of your current health issues and possible triggers for these. This will help me to build a clear picture of what may be the possible underlying causes for your current health problems.

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I work using a functional medicine approach; this allows me to gain an in-depth understanding of your health issue and what the underlying cause of these may be.

Using an evidence-based approach to nutritional medicine and the most up to date diagnostic tests (when indicated) I work with my clients to make small, simple and negotiated dietary and lifestyle changes that are aimed at supporting your health and to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

This can be through one to one consultation at my clinic or via Skype. Since qualifying in 2009 I have worked with hundreds of clients, with issues such as IBS, digestive discomfort, low energy, insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances helping them to manage their conditions and boost their health often overcoming debilitating symptoms.

Once I have a clearer understanding I will then aim to explain what I believe to be the key imbalances that are triggering your symptoms and impacting on your health – I will also at this point discuss possible nutritional interventions that may help to reduce your symptoms and address these underlying imbalances.

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