Initial consultation (1-1 ½ hour)

In advance of your consultation I will ask you to complete a nutritional questionnaire, food diary and terms of engagement form, these can either be posted to me or brought to the initial consultation. I have found that the act of completing these forms can be helpful to you as the client, in terms of really focusing your thoughts on symptoms that you may have been ignoring for months or even years in some cases. They are also fundamentally helpful to me in helping me gain some insight into possible underlying areas of imbalances that you may have; and to additionally consider the impact of your diet in relation to these possible imbalances and your health.

During your consultation, I want to hear ‘your story’, so I will ask you a lot of questions so that I can really build a clear picture of your current health issues and possible triggers for these. This will help me to build a clear picture of what may be the possible underlying causes for your current health problems.

Once I have a clearer understanding I will then aim to explain what I believe to be the key imbalances that are triggering your symptoms and impacting on your health – I will also at this point discuss possible nutritional interventions that may help to reduce your symptoms and address these underlying imbalances.

Finally, we will agree a nutrition plan, including negotiated changes to your diet and lifestyle. These will be paced to suit you, but in general only a small number of changes would be recommended at a time as I know changing what and how you eat can be extremely difficult, and that these changes are most successfully managed if they are slowly introduced.

Introductory Nutrition Consultation with Ruth Taylor
Researching diet and lifestyle

Follow up consultations

At a follow up consultation, I will review how you are, what improvements you are experiencing and put in place a new negotiated nutritional plan. Follow up consultations are arranged dependent on a client by client basis but are usually 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation.